Sending Equipment
Clients wishing to send equipment for repairs can send through the Post Office, Courier or bring in person.

When equipment comes in for repair, it is first estimated for the necessary repairs. We then contact you with the estimate before repairs are initiated. 

Clients not wishing to get their equipment repaired after estimate has been carried out will only be charged a nominal amount towards estimation and actual postal costs. Postal costs would be dependent on weight of equipment being despatched and insurance value requested by client.

For outstation clients, payment for the work carried out can be made through a bank draft, or by depositing the amount in a branch of our bankers in your city. Once receipt of payment is confirmed, equipment will be despatched through the post or through courier as desired by client.

We try to provide an early delivery. Repairs are generally completed within three to four weeks.

We offer a warranty of six months on repair.



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