Latif Precision Works was founded by Mr. Abdul Latif* in 1972, who had been repairing cameras since the early fifties. Mr. Latif trained at the factories of M/s Leitz, Zeiss Ikon, Kodak, Franke Heidcke, Paillard Bolex, and other leading establishments of the time between 1959 and 1962.

With the passage of time Latif Precision Works evolved from repairing cameras, lenses, exposure meters, slide and movie projectors from Exaktas, Leicas, Rolleiflexes, Hasselblads and Linhofs to the Canons, Nikons, Minoltas etc., to the Eos, Maxxums, to include the present day electronic digital still and video equipment from the stables of Sony + Carl Zeiss, Panasonic + Leica, Samsung  + Rollei, etc.

Latif Precision Works is into the second generation, managed by Mr. Abdul Latif's son, Asif Latif, ably trained by the father, and supported by a team of experienced technicians.

With the initiation of this website, Latif Precision Works would like a greater number of people to benefit from our expertise.

*to know more about Mr.Abdul Latif click here


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